Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Sakura Days Japan Fair 2020
Application Form

- 2020 Sakura Days Japan Fair info at the link below.

* The selection of vendors and cultural participants is at the sole discretion of the Japan Fair Association of Vancouver (JFAV).

For more information regarding the application procedure please contact:

Takashi Tsukamoto
Chair, Japan Fair Association of Vancouver

Message from Organizers

Sakura Days Japan Fair (SDJF) is not just a cultural festival. SDJF is an opportunity to be face to face with thousands of people who are interested in Japan.

How we utilize this unique opportunity is up to all of us.

What will we each convey and teach about Japan while creating an enjoyable experience for festival attendees?

How will you use this opportunity for your business or organization? Let's work together to maximize the experience of attendees while maximizing your future opportunities.