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Sakura Days Japan Fair 2011 on CBC French
At the 2011 Sakura Days Japan Fair money was raised in order to show our solidarity with those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The Sakura Days Japan Fair Organizing Committee donated a total of $29,033.88 to the Japanese Red Cross by way of the Consulate General of Japan at Vancouver.

In addition to the profits from the event, many vendors, performers, partners, volunteers and attendees kindly donated. Thank you very much to everyone for their very generous donations.

Who is organizing Sakura Days Japan Fair?

- It is presented by the Japan Fair Association of Vancouver (JFAV) ( as part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Month with the support of the VanDusen Botanical Garden.
- Sakura Days Japan Fair (SDJF) is a family-friendly, two-day Japanese festival held at the spectacular VanDusen Botanical Gardens.

- The festival showcases Japanese cultural and performing arts, cuisine and businesses.

About the Japan Fair Association of Vancouver (JFAV)

The mission of the JFAV is to showcase Japan and Japan-Canada communities to the Canadian community at large, in an effort to facilitate better understanding and relationships. The JFAV was formed with the goal of enhancing relationships and encouraging the continued success of the Canada-Japan business community and it was founded by six of the leading Japan-Canada business associations in British Columbia:

- Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai)
- Kiyukai (Vancouver Japanese Business Association)
- Japanese Women’s Business Association
- The Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce
- Vancouver Mokuyokai Society
- The Canada-Japan Society of British Columbia

For more information regarding this event, or the application procedure please contact:

Takashi Tsukamoto
Chair, Japan Fair Association of Vancouver
Photo: The Japan Fair Organizing Committee volunteers
Volunteer Photo

Donation & Message to Japan

Donation to JapanAt the 2012 Sakura Days Japan Fair we collected donations for the Fukushima University Disaster Volunteer Center. This Center provides support and disaster relief to evacuees of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We sent $1146.60 to the Fukushima University Disaster Volunteer Center to help them with their volunteer work.

We would like to thank all of the people who donated to this cause.

As a follow up to our 2011 "With You Japan" photo project, at the 2012 Sakura Days Japan Fair we asked visitors to write messages of encouragement to Japan on two large poster board banners.

We brought this poster to Fukushima University.
Fukushima Univ.

at 2011 Sakura Days Japan Fair

With You Japan#withYouJapan
In addition to donating money to the Japanese Relief Fund, we wanted to show our support in a more visual way, so we took 324 photos at 2011 Sakura Days Japan Fair of over 1,000 people holding the "With You Japan" sign to let the people of Japan know that we are thinking of them and supporting them.   "With You Japan" 324 photos page>>