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Cytotec is used for reducing the risk of stomach ulcers in certain patients who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Generic cytotec online in India) had higher cost. But, in the case of EBM (electrocybernetic surgery), the cost was very little. of the treatment was about Rs.1.5 lakh. The cost was not as high in Europe and US. It is very helpful to have this technology when you require it," says Jain. The EBM team have a patient who has rare form of kidney disease, which requires surgery for removal a piece of ureter which is about 0.5mm in length. However, his age-group, he needs surgery which costs about Rs.20 lacs. "We hope that through our application, Buy cytotec europe he get a better deal," says Jain. In the future, team may launch a similar project to get treatment for another patient who is terminally ill. It is a different story in the case of diabetes. Jain says that the technology has been used in the hospital for about a year. "The aim is that when a diabetic patient requires treatment the blood sugar level can be monitored and the treatment can be applied in minutes," he says. "It is easy to use," says Jain. One patient is a diabetic who needs to take insulin. The diabetes monitoring system, when patient requires insulin, will read the blood glucose levels and then the insulin will be administered. Other than that, there is no problem with the diabetes monitoring system. However, cost of treatment for a diabetic is Rs.1-1.5 lakh. One patient has a condition called Spastic Limbal paralysis, which requires spinal surgery costs about Rs.5 crore. The for spinal surgery is generally around Rs.100,000. This was the case with patient as his parents could not afford the costs. "There is always a risk with spinal surgeries, so we are trying out other options, such as using a balloon pump, non-invasive way of lifting the joint as well," says Jain. With this, the costs could come down for a spastic patient as well. "There are a few cases in which surgeon has to use a micro-surgeon, who is basically doing the work, whereas with our method you can do it manually," Jain adds. Another patient had a condition called Spine deformity where there is a malformation, called bony promytal atlantoaxial joint, where there is a problem between the two vertebrae. "It is a common condition where surgery will be required as it is difficult and painful to get a proper balance on the joint. It is very difficult to get a good control. However, the benefits of system are that it does not require an injection which is a big pain after surgery," says Jain. the surgery, patient can come back to the hospital after two or three weeks as most of the treatment is done in hospital and after that they can go home, says Jain. The cost for spinal procedure has been as low Rs.10,000. "We are trying to push the cost down since we think there are huge cost for other surgeries. We are trying to find a technology that is lower cost than what we are doing now," Jain says. Dr. Pankaj Kapoor, Associate Professor in Department of Ophthalmology and director the Eye Institute, says development of this kind treatment is really amazing. "The application of this technology is really in a perfect place, so now we can focus on other areas. We are trying to push development of the technology," he says. medical technology research and development at the UGC has done many pioneering projects in various fields of science with the aim to transform them, Dr. Kapoor explains. (Additional reporting by Swetimakrishna Krishna, Rakesh Gupta, M.B. Jain,)

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